Sunday, March 10, 2013


The designing and shopping for this project have been extremely fun, but all the decision-making has been stressful. In the last few weeks, we've made hundreds and hundreds of decisions. In the heat of the moment, each one seems to take on monumental importance.

The builders call us almost daily about something they need a decision on: should this shower inset go here or there? Where do you want wall sconces in this bathroom? Do you have a design for the entranceway closet? We're also making decisions about purchases we'd normally consider for weeks or months (or, in fact, for us, even years!)

Like this one, made in a snap.

(Praying it wasn't a bad decision, Martha!)

This one, agonized over (have to keep reminding myself: it's only a house, for heaven's sake!)

Lots to think about:

So, what the best way to make decisions? Well, Andrew came up with a plan for deciding about lighting. (We had 54 lighting fixtures to choose!)

  Step 1: print up Pinterest pictures.

 (there were 8 pages like this)

 Step 2: get some help cutting them out.

Step 3: sort into stacks, according to room.

Step 4: get out floor plans.

Step 5: process of elimination. Yes, no, maybe.

Step 6: scotch-tape to floor plans.

Step 7: enlist visiting Grandparents to babysit.

Step 8: go shopping! Haven't counted, but I think we bought about 25 fixtures today, both vintage and new. Here's a selection.
(for front entranceway. The middle bit is wooden, quite lovely)

(Train lamps for the built-in buffet)

(French hall light for the staircase!)

(couple of sconces, chose the glass on the right)

(hallway nook)

All with the help of this lovely fellow from our favourite East Van store, Antique Market.

After playing with Grandparents, the girls came to help load up.

and a few purchases from Restoration Hardware....
task lights for either side of the kitchen sink.

Three of these, I think.

Downstairs bathroom, and, in a different finish, little wall that leads from dining room to kitchen, if I recall correctly.

"Vintage Barn Pendants" for front porch.

 (We had lots of fun at Restoration Hardware. They're lovely there.)

Big spending day. Yeesh!

We even bought a couple from Etsy, including this one:
(I forget where that one goes; I'm overwhelmed and tired!)

Andrew sent me the list of what's left to buy. Oh well, we got a good start today anyway!

main floor
Front porch 2x sconce (glass only)
Back porch 2x sconces
DS bath flush mount
dining –chandelier(s)
3x bar pendants
kitchen 2x sconces

powder – overhead
2x sconces
1x pendant
girls room 2x chandeliers (lighting warehouse)
master bed 2x makeup sconces


MarthaB said...

You and Andrew are simply brilliant! I think your approach to decision making is inspirational and I am certain that your lovely fridge will be just fine!

MarthaB said...

p.s. Forgot to mention the girls' crucial input every step of the way!

poppa mke said...

Jackie I prefer to call it research rather than sloppy decision making,
I just purchased a tablet after studying it for at least six months. So you guy's have done remarkably well I love the train Lights & the french hallway pendant, also the window hardware is great.
I'm sure that a year from now you will be revelling in the delight of those fixtures & laughing at the fun & worry you had at having to buy them in such haste. However in keeping with the theme you should of bought an ice box with wood trim.
Love Dad,Poppa