Wednesday, March 20, 2013

coming to life

The most gratifying feeling has been seeing our abstract ideas (in our heads or on paper) suddenly come to life!

For me, the tile has been the most amazing since I spent so much time on it! It's wonderful to see it in reality. I think it evokes the vintage look we were going for, while looking fresh.

the bathroom fixtures and hardware look great too (many of them bought on line so we didn't really know until we saw them in real life).

D'oh. That black plastic pipe is going to be replaced with chrome!

So happy about the penny round feature behind the shower hardware! The tile setter was very impressed with the design! LOL!

inset looks great!

I am so pleased with both the floor border and the wall border! Both our own design!

And look at the fine work these tile setters are doing. Tiny pieces in the corners!

He used spacers for the border

But not for the "field" tiles: but he used a level for EVERY row! That's three bathrooms, in one of which the tile runs all the way up to the ceiling. Slow and steady tile guy!

Love the results!!!
Love it!

Love it! (and grout colour is perfect, btw. Well worth being picky over. Mapei "Frost."

The man responsible for most of it. Hard worker!

Stove put in, gas turned on, Andrew happy!

Ceiling paint on main floor. Jackie happy!

Girls happy! Cleaning and organizing some of their work-site treasures (tiles and cement chunks). They're planning to build a farmhouse.

Another beautiful day, and yet another beautiful view of the mountains from upper deck.

Auntie Jean and Steph's visit

Together with Steph's daughters, Saskia and Tasha, Auntie Jean and Steph came over to visit and see the new house, another endorsement of our designs and choices that goes along way to making the place seem more like a home. Thank you so much for making the trip!
All the girls off for an adventure! Granville Island and then the putt-putt boat over to Science World! Don't be fooled by F's shyness in this picture: she actually got up on stage as a volunteer at one of the SW demonstrations! Catapulted a rubber chicken!

Beautiful day for it! I was taking these photos as I drove. Anybody who lives here knows how spectacular spring is in Vancouver because of those mountains. They take your breath away.

On Granville Island, Katie got to take everybody to her favourite store, the rock and gem store, where kids can buy little zip-lock bags and fill them with little gems. Of course, they have to be cleaned and organzied after.

Then Aunt Jean and Steph and the girls came back for a house tour and dinner: take-out Indian food back at the duplex. The girls had their own picnic table. The cousins sure had fun together!

And Jean gave the girls a bubbly apple cider to toast our new home tonight.

...and something a little stronger for Mom and Dad, something we're really going to appreciate by about 10 o'clock tonight, I'm sure!