Wednesday, February 13, 2013

What a difference a day makes!

I can't believe we're ten days in! Fourteen to go. The moving truck arrives two weeks today. Oy!

Here are some photos we took last night of the downstairs demolition -- looking VERY different with some of the walls knocked out!

    looking into back extension from dining room. Wall gone.

 Looking into extension from living room.

 Inside extension. Skylights in place above! Aluminum window and door will be replaced by nicer ones.

A couple of the skylights from above .

View from extension toward living room and front door. (Girls were making a video. Not sure whether it will end up on blog or not...)

Dining room back to original size!

 Living room, looking toward front door. There's that darn range that arrived too early.

Living room. Fireplace gone! Faux brick too.

Former kitchen, will become den. Door on right will be closed off and that space will be a small bathroom.

Smuggling run: 2,000 pounds of plaster

Our builder, Steve Moore, just emailed me these pics from the U.S. border crossing:
"2,000 pounds of fine imported plaster from Bellingham, Washington." 

"Hopefully, they let me in," he adds. 

Here's hoping!