Friday, March 08, 2013

Ever heard of SNU?

Surrey New and Used. Takes about an hour to get there. If you're looking for a used toilet it's definitely worth it.

We went looking for doors; we weren't lucky, despite the selection.




A balm for the eyes. One thing about the drive to Surrey: the view can be sublime (unretouched photo!)


poppa mke said...

Great view, the mountains where very nice as well.
If you are still having problems with old hardware let me know what you need & I will look in our Habitat store.
Love Dad

MarthaB said...

Did you try the door store on 4th Avenue in Kits? [or has it moved to Broadway?]

Granny Evelyn said...


Three ideas:

!. We found that Windsor Plywood has very good deals on old-style (but new) wood doors. E.g. our meditation building doors are from there.

2. Also, try UsedVancouver, and type in "doors." We find LOTS of things on UsedVictoria.

3. Your Dad's idea of Habitat ReStore is a good idea. There is probably one in Vamcouver.