Saturday, April 20, 2013

Katie's birthday party!

We broke the house in last weekend with a kid party belatedly celebrating Katie's birthday. Nothing like a pack of kids running up and down the stairs to make a house feel like home!
Buncha cuties!

 Classic Fifi: upside-down on the left.

 Love the accidental composition of this picture: the two conversations: LongXi with his hand on Abe's arm, Katie with her hand on Imogene's. Sorren watching one group, Aneko watching the other. (I think Fifi's still there too, under the coffee table.)

 Abe and LongXi seemed to really hit it off.

 Katie really enjoyed having her friends over!

 First treasure-hunt clue.

 Exciting treasures! This way, they filled their own goodie bags.

The madding crowd.

 The final clue led them to a pot of gold; Katie painted some of her rock collection with gold glitter.

 A couple of the "Parent Volunteers," as Fifi called them.

Katie plugging her ears for "Happy Birthday."

 It was Katie's idea to have a make-your-own-waffle party.

Pretty pleased that she used every topping on her double-decker creation.

The masterpiece.

Chatting with Angelo.

So happy with our new table! (plenty long even with just one of the leaves.)

 Looks like we hired a stylist for this shot! Those colours!

 Poor Gracie.

 Fifi taking care of Gracie.

Gracie (on back of couch) with her mojo back!

Admiring the hand-made cards.

Still haven't figured out who brought the "mash-staches."

Charlie Chaplin.