Tuesday, February 12, 2013

For Dad.

This one's for you, Dad. You see, I am assuming your favourite position here, and there is lots of room and it is very comfy! (If you look closely, you can see through my glass lenses that I'm squeezing in a little nap.)


Popped by last night -- the demo has made the place almost unrecognizable!

The downstairs is still a haz mat zone until air test (today, I believe).

This photo is looking left toward living room):

this is looking straight ahead down hallway:

Bathroom is gone from front entranceway! (Floors are thrashed, but there's enough hardwood down the basement -- in room that will be demolished -- to replace it.):

Note shower head hanging on left and rotted floor: 

Opening to stairway has been restored:

Looking up stairway where overhanging closet has been removed (skylight will be going in):

On left, hole where Katie's closet used to be (now there will be a railing overlooking the stair well):

Entire ceiling gone in upstairs hallway, revealing quite a tall attic (and no insulation whatsoever):

Bathroom. Pretty much gutted:


Fifi's room:

Katie's room. They were running around screaming with excitement (as is their wont): "Fifi! My closet's gone!" "Demo, Demo, Demo!" Etc.

Parents' bedroom at the back: closets (one from neighbouring room) torn out to be replaced by full wall of closets with sliding doors.

Pics of downstairs demo later.
....I almost forgot that other part of my life: I teach today!