Friday, August 08, 2014


We started this patio on the Saturday evening and were done by early afternoon Sunday (other things were done simultaneously, but I'll get to that later).

(somebody needs a pedicure.)
We bought this pile of pavers off Craigslist.

New granite pavers for $2.50 sq ft, quite a bit cheaper than store-bought!

Andrew had to dig out a lot of the patio by hand (Jake the Excavator was a bit off with his calculations somehow).

A bit overwhelming.

Andrew cleverly planned everything out with stakes and string.

Lots of help digging and pulling out rocks.

As I say, a whole bin full!

Three piles of stuff were delivered: gravel, sand, and topsoil.

The sand was fun!

Who needs a beach?

Back to work. The gravel went in first.

And was spread around.

... and compacted with a rented compactor.

Then a layer of sand (also compacted)

...and levelled.

OK, I cannot say enough about these two guys! We decided to hire some labour so that we could get some of the major yard work done in one weekend (before English rellies' arrival). After a couple of other no-shows (you know, Craigslist), we found this father/son team who were incredible: responded immediately (from another job site), came as quickly as they could, and worked hard! 

It was Allan's (the dad, in white) birthday, but he worked until 7 pm and then was back again the next morning. He has five kids (here is Raymond) he will bring with him, depending how many you need!

Once the ground was prepared, the patio itself went in very quickly. 

This was taken at 12:20 pm.

Woo-hoo! 12:36 pm.

12:49 pm, the girls were doing cartwheels.

And by 1o'clock the path coming down the side of the house was all done!

It was a scorcher! The girls and I (and the dolls) took off to the pool for awhile, lucky us!

and indulged in popsicles while Andrew was at home sweatin' away!

...and came home to this (polymer sand had been compacted into the joints) and it was all done!

Obviously still some finishing to do, but, that night, we had our first dinner on the new patio!


Northwest Landscape and Stone Supply.

When we did our interior reno, we discovered all kinds of wonderful places that would otherwise not cross our radar. Same with the landscaping: if you're ever planning a paved patio or similar project, you've got to visit this magical land of rock and concrete.

It's one of those have-to-see-it-to-believe-it places, but I'll attempt to capture it with a few pics.
It goes on and on for acres. I was there for hours (in 32-degree heat). 

If you find this boring and just want to get on with your day, you'd better get up now and go do something! There are a lot of time-wasting pictures here.

boulders galore

slabs galore

pots galore

big pink rock (no idea what it is); see tractor behind it for perspective.


Gurglers galore!

steps (on sale!)

granite slabs

bags and bags of rocks

of many varieties

stone tables and benches

many of them.

Chinese pagodas

and other sculptures


more gurgles.

more pagodas

The Buddha section

Big Buddha

the owl section


Yep, toadstools.

more gurglers. They're really big on gurglers. I was tempted to buy one.

Why bother combing the beach for beach glass when you can just buy big bags of it in a variety of blues?

Rock-wall sampler.

They've put together some gardens and patios for display. The whole thing is quite amazing. If you're planning a garden, I highly recommend a visit.