Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Crew Party

Hi folks! Sorry I haven't been posting. Internet connection still sketchy; Andrew finally rigged something up through his iPhone for me....

Let me go back to the weekend. First, Friday night. We had a little crew party to celebrate the move-in and show our gratitude to the Tercera crew for their hard work and dedication.
Cheers! Great lads, every one of em! And fantastic work: the fastest reno ever with no sacrifice in quality. And the working relationship has been a dream! 
From left: Dennis, Max, Steve, Keith, Adam, James, Martin, Jim, Dennis, Martin. Missing from picture (still working!) are Dave and Terence. Thank you, guys!

You can see it was quite an elegant affair.

The girls made up cards.

Andrew looking Leprachaun-ish in Katie's picture. Sheer coincidence, honestly.

We gave the guys little gift certificates to this Irish pub (client of St. Bernadine).

Luckily, we didn't discover this gift till afterwards. Otherwise, we would have had to share. ; )