Saturday, April 27, 2013


Remember when Andrew did the cut-and-paste lighting plan? Fifty-two fixtures? Well, like magic, this week the electricians  started putting them in! 
This one is Katie's room. Look at the pretty shadows it casts!

Katie's room before (still quite a few of these around).

Katie's room after, with the light turned off.




Sconce at front door (three of these in the front hallway).

Alcove between the main floor bathroom and dining room.

Two of these near back door.

Dining room.

We're particularly happy with this antique in the front entranceway (blurry photo notwithstanding).

Living room. Another one from Antique Market.

Exterior front. Restoration Hardware.

Matching set on front porch. 
Amazing how they pull the place together, make it start to look finished.

More to come.