Friday, February 01, 2013

What have we done?

We bought this beat-up old-timer, hired a builder, and have 24 days to make this house a home. 

With our girls now 5 and 7 and growing fast, we're suddenly feeling crowded in our little bungalow. Unwilling to sacrifice this lovely neighbourhood, we considered tearing down our little house and rebuilding, but when this monster came up for sale just a block away, we jumped on it. Or, rather, Andrew did. While a big old house with high ceilings, a proper entranceway, and upstairs bedrooms was what we both wanted, it was hard to see past the trade-offs (backyard, garage, sunlight!) to imagine the house of our dreams [see dreams here]. But somehow he talked me into it.

Despite a few "what-have-we-done?" moments [you can see why, here], things are moving along -- head-spinningly so -- and we've got 24 days to turn this thing around: the moving truck arrives February 27th. Wish us luck.