Thursday, March 14, 2013

Getting close!

Looks like we'll be moving in next Tuesday or Wednesday. Very exciting! As it gets closer, the place is buzzing with activity!

lots of busy guys everywhere.

and more plastering (and note the new wainscotting, which had to be rebuilt in places).

Keith and the crew are also working their magic on the finer woodwork: custom mouldings and things. Lovely, lovely work.

 Windows and window hardware are being repaired.

Somebody's working on a complicated electrical plan.

Meanwhile, new things are arriving every day!
The back door frame, with transoms above. Nice choice, Steve! Or was that Keith?

Bathtub, which Fifi thinks will go in her room!

So many new things, and Andrew's pressuring me to make more decisions about lighting. Whoa! Enough already. I just finished deciding paint colours for 10 rooms! The decision-making centre in my brain is exhausted!

Meanwhile, we demonstrate some fine parenting by letting our kids play around in the construction debris. You can see the nails from here!

But, as kids will do, they find fun and creativity everywhere. Here's today's sculpture. 

They have a collection of treasures they excitedly gather and bring home almost every visit: lengths of copper wire, chunks of wood, bits of tile, lumps of grout: it's all good! The best was the visit to the stone slab store where they scrounged for beautiful pieces of granite and marble (or, rather, "crystals and diamonds." 

A couple of purchases I though I'd show you. A vintage Chinese apothecary chest (from Antique Market, of course! Half that ticket price, btw) for my makeup cabinet. Do you think it will hold it all?

While we were in there, I spotted the antique desk I've been coveting over in the "sold" corner and I gasped with disappointment....

.... but then Andrew reminded me that it was actually us who bought it. Oh, right! There's just too much going on at once!


MarthaB said...

Great photos, and truly amazing work, and thanks for the update!! I love the makeup cabinet and will take anything that does not fit in (hahahahahaha)!! M

Unknown said...

I love your blog and seeing the work as it progresses. I bet you will be so glad to finally be home! I love the antique desk and cupboard. I also love the kitchen table you are thinking about getting. That is exactly what I would choose!