Friday, August 08, 2014

Northwest Landscape and Stone Supply.

When we did our interior reno, we discovered all kinds of wonderful places that would otherwise not cross our radar. Same with the landscaping: if you're ever planning a paved patio or similar project, you've got to visit this magical land of rock and concrete.

It's one of those have-to-see-it-to-believe-it places, but I'll attempt to capture it with a few pics.
It goes on and on for acres. I was there for hours (in 32-degree heat). 

If you find this boring and just want to get on with your day, you'd better get up now and go do something! There are a lot of time-wasting pictures here.

boulders galore

slabs galore

pots galore

big pink rock (no idea what it is); see tractor behind it for perspective.


Gurglers galore!

steps (on sale!)

granite slabs

bags and bags of rocks

of many varieties

stone tables and benches

many of them.

Chinese pagodas

and other sculptures


more gurgles.

more pagodas

The Buddha section

Big Buddha

the owl section


Yep, toadstools.

more gurglers. They're really big on gurglers. I was tempted to buy one.

Why bother combing the beach for beach glass when you can just buy big bags of it in a variety of blues?

Rock-wall sampler.

They've put together some gardens and patios for display. The whole thing is quite amazing. If you're planning a garden, I highly recommend a visit.

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