Wednesday, May 22, 2013


The chandelier went up in the stairwell last week. It seems to signify something -- seems to anchor or complete things. 

It casts beautiful shadows at night.

At dusk, too, it's lovely with the skylight above. 
(Thanks once again to our friends at Antique Market! Such a great bunch of folks to deal with!)

One of two hallway lights, antiques bought off ebay.

Little chandelier in Fifi's room, with yellow roses (one of a bajillion to choose from that behemoth lighting store in Richmond, Lighting Warehouse.)

Now for something completely different: reflection of under-counter LED strip light in kitchen countertop (the lights are just sort of taped up and dangling there for now until we get a bar top in).

These final bits of lighting really seem to be making this into a real, grown-up house! 


Granny Evelyn said...

You'll really appreciate the undercounter lighting. It makes night time cooking so much easier.

I notice that your backsplash is now in, too. SOOOO elegant. I love those water/aqua colours.

What a gorgeous house you all have created.

MarthaB said...

Stunning!!! You chose soooo well!!