Saturday, May 25, 2013


We used a hand-poured recycled glass tile from California, with a "silk" finish that makes it look like stone (Stone & Pewter Accents). (BTW, we highly recommend the place we bought it, Aeon Stone, where it was almost half the price they were asking at Bullnose, and where they have a great selection. 



After installation, before grout.

Grout (we used plain white):

Ah, so happy with the results!

In context:


Granny Evelyn said...

Being a Pisces, I'm drawn to all the blue/blue-green/green watery colours, and I would like to have a bedroom with your backsplash colours in it. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it.

The sisters day photos are so sweet, too!! All is good.

MarthaB said...

What a beautiful home you have created. In spite of all the work that had to be done, the decisions, the running around, the messes - you have done so well - and in a reasonable amount of time (though it must seem endless to you!). It is such a thrill to read your posts!

Unknown said...

Your kitchen is amazing! I'm jealous, love the stove and exhaust fan.

Unknown said...

This is good progress. I could see that it's getting in good shape with the wall painted and the backsplash installed. Anyway it's been months now, I hope all the work is done for you and your kids will enjoy spending more time in your kitchen. -->Ryann Hoyer @