Saturday, April 13, 2013


We are so happy with our countertops, thanks to a fantastic supplier we found in Richmond, Alpha Stone. (Oh! The things we know about now!) 

They have a huge -- I mean HUGE -- warehouse of granite and marble slabs that is a wonder to see. Even if you're not shopping for a countertop, it's a marvel to see hundreds of these massive slabs of polished stone. If you are in the market, they sell their own "no name" brand of engineered quartz at half the price of Caesarstone. They're very professional and friendly to boot!


Instead of a mitred edge that would make it half-again thicker, it was actually cheaper to just double it at the edge (seamlessly!). 

We've not yet found a piece of wood for the bar top, but love how the girls have decorated the temporary MDF one so much we're thinking of just having it lacquered. 


Granny Evelyn said...

Terrific bar drawings!! I love the plate and cutlery and the various buildings/space ships!!

trudy said...

Oh I LOVE the illustrated countertops too. Priceless! Maybe get the girls to write your 'move in' date then seal with lacquer or yacht varnish - et voila!!

MarthaB said...