Friday, March 22, 2013

We're in!

Well, the move yesterday went very smoothly! Now we're navigating boxes and tradespeople, but we have heat, water, and lights (some anyway), and it feels really wonderful to be in our new house!! 

I've fallen behind on blogging, so these photos are from the night before the move (anticlimactic, I know). Will download the move-in pics from my camera tomorrow!

Very happy with the colour, F&B Green Blue (very changeable colour, looks very green here).

Temporary countertops (they even smoothed out the edges as our new neighbour Lara pointed out). Andrew cooked our first meal on this baby tonight! (a bit tricky trying to find everything, but we've been getting a bit tired of take-outs).

We were a bit worried the night before about everything that still had to be done by noon the next day when the movers were scheduled to arrive (they were an hour early!).

Still lots to do.

That night, it looked impossible....

Meanwhile, here's the Green Blue looking more blue. 
And look at the custom job Keith did on the newel posts!

Here's the staircase from the second floor.

Complete with half-newel going into the wall to give it a finished look. We're so lucky to have Keith, who knew that a half-newel would create a sense of proportion. 

Close-up of one of the half-newels.

The bathtub in place. Now that it's here, we can fully recommend Vintage Tub. It was such a deal (cheaper than getting the old one refinished), that we were a bit concerned about quality, but it's a beautiful tub. Top-notch quality. They even custom-painted the bottom black for us before shipping. 

We all LOVE the sink! A bit too low, but maybe leave it like that for a couple of years: it's perfect for the girls right now, ....but then we don't get to use the adorable stool we bought at Antique Market.

Upstairs WC done! (still have to paint. Taking suggestions)

Downstairs bathroom more or less done (just waiting for shower doors).

The girls will now demonstrate the running water! Click on the arrow.


MarthaB said...

Day shots showing LOTS of LIGHT!!
Congratulations to all!
Love the telephone shower handle. This little video is a keeper!

Unknown said...

You're right, Martha. Those skylights made all the difference!