Saturday, March 23, 2013

moving day

The second move went as well as the first move went badly!

When we got up, things looked bad for a moving day, with black skies and heavy rain, but shortly before the trucks arrived, the clouds miraculously parted and the sun came out for an absolutely glorious t-shirt day (until after the move, about 5, when we had a freak storm with icy, driving rain). It was the first day of spring, as Trudy reminded me! ...And then snow today!? Crazy March weather.

We had little faith when the movers said they'd arrive by noon after packing up the storage containers, but they were actually an hour early (!) and had the two trucks unloaded by 2 pm! Same moving company, different day.

Meanwhile, the building crew hustled to finish some last-minute jobs and clean up the site (I guess I can stop referring it to a "site" now).

and cleaners did their thing.

Temporary countertop ready to go!

Lots of light coming in!

Skylight surrounded by F&B "Sky Light" (chosen for the colour, not the name).

Steve Moore, Tercera partner, worked up a sweat! Way beyond the call of duty.

Even I did my bit.

Moving truck arrived at 11.

From double-rainbow crew to dream team. They were awesome!
This photo is too perfect not to be a promotional picture!

Hamming it up!

Tercera crew busily cleaning up all the construction debris.

 Weeks of debris cleaned up in half a day!

The girls arrive with their suitcases....

A bit heavy; a bit dramatic.

Tercera crew on a lunch break. (You guys actually stop to eat?)

It's going to take some work to get beds set up.

When I came home from cleaning the duplex, I cold smell these though the girls had hidden them upstairs in order to surprise me. These arrived from Jeannie, David, Kai, and Nikko! Delightful!

Our new next door neighbours, Lara and Ashton, who has apparently been asking over and over when we were going to move in! He's between the two girls' ages, and they were off and running!

Darius (I know you're reading this ; ), I swear I took a photo of all three of you, but it wasn't on my camera for some reason. We'll have to try again!

Anyway, welcoming new neighbours gave us the kind of move-in gift everybody can use: a 4-pack of toilet paper! 

Fridge - check!

Stove - check!

Shower - check!

Bathtub - check!

Ice-maker - check!

Range hood - check!

Organizing the cheese.

Organizing the freezer.

Dancing on boxes!

Cheers!!! A little Veuve Clicquot! (Thank you, Auntie Jean!)

Goes well with pizza! (BTW, Panago makes a decent gluten-free crust ...with goat cheese instead of mozzarella.)

Behind the piles of stuff, that lovely spring bouquet!

Mom's flower painting would look nice right here!

Katie. Must. Climb.

Hello! Biyun and LongXi popped by for a visit.

It was bedtime, so, of course, pandemonium ensued.

The girls love their new two-faucet sink.

...some things never change.

We managed to dig out a couple of little nests, and we really appreciated our beds that night!


Granny Evelyn said...

Ahhh, bliss. Your own bed in your own house. Never mind the boxes.

Everything looks so warm and welcoming. WELCOME HOME!!

MarthaB said...

Granny Evelyn - my sentiments exactly!

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

The house looks great, the colours are perfect. I love that little flower painting of mom's. I might have to request a copy.

You must feel so great to finally be in.

Unknown said...

Ah, yes, thanks all. It does feel great!