Monday, February 18, 2013

Why I didn't post all weekend.

Our weekend to-do list.

 Thanks to Kate for helping out with the kids. : )

And to Angelo and Esther for feeding us on Saturday night. Lovely evening! 
Gotta maintain a social life!


poppa mke said...

Jackie/Andrew, give consideration to a wireless door bell,no wiring, ringer can be moved anywhere, no chime fixed to wall,plus they are cheap. About range hoods they get very greasy & hard to clean,is the ducting stack going to be exposed in your kitchen,can it be boxed in or hidden,it will be hard to reach & clean if exposed.
Love dad,

Unknown said...

Hi Dad, will look into wireless doorbells (who knew?), though the wiring is already in place. As for the range hood, the ducting will be hidden by the stainless cabinet and it's vented to outside. No worries about grease-factor: Andrew will be in charge of cleaning that thing! ; )

Unknown said...

Thanks for reading our list, BTW, and looking for ways to help. We need all the help and advice we can get!