Monday, February 18, 2013

The view.

We're trading in the view we get now of the north-shore mountains for a view of downtown and the setting sun. (Mind you, this requires creeping to the edge of the roof and zooming in.)

Though if we could get our new neighbours to cut down their trees, we'd have a good view of the mountains from the small balcony being built on the back of the second storey. (Michelle, note mountains are snow capped!)

Here's one of five skylights (this one over the stairwell, one in the bathroom and three in the kitchen extension) that will bring in the light the house badly needs.

Speaking of sunshine, what happened to that summer-like weather we had on Friday? (Not only are the crocuses out, but I saw the first cherry blossoms this weekend, FYI at Nanaimo and Kitchener for you locals.) Katie took a "Mama day" off school Friday and requested Kits beach in bare legs and feet. Brrrr.

A welcome break!


Granny Evelyn said...

Well, how bad can it be when we have all of Santa's elves working overtime and there is still time to go to the beach for an R&R spell?

Will your house ever be finished? Ours isn't, and we love it anyway. I'm sure that when the time comes, you'll move in (including the unculled stuff) and be so excited with all the room, even if all the last-minute stuff isn't done. I can see you all running around calling to each other to see where everyone is!!

So looking forward to seeing the new addition, as this has been in the preliminary stage for so long.

Unknown said...

Yes, aren't we lucky that we can squeeze in a little beach time (for the girls' sake, trying to pretend we're not really stressed)!? Yeah, all that room is going to be a luxury! So exciting!