Thursday, March 28, 2013

Saturday: Point Roberts

On Saturday, we left the builders to it and drove down to Point Roberts, a little point of US soil at the tip of the Tsawwassen peninsula famous for cross-border postal outlets and sunny beaches. 

We needed to pick up a table and other things we'd had shipped there and thought we'd combine the trip with a little desperately-needed family downtime.

First, the girls tried out the new hair-washing systems.


We rented a van.

And we picked up our new table! Fifi helped Andrew load up while Katie supervised.

Another reason to visit Point Roberts. Katie remembered this farm from a visit two years ago; we had to find them again.

Nice sweater. New ad campaign for the Gap?

Look at the chompers on this thing! Alpaca, is it? Make a nice sweater for the goat.

Fifi was brave. 

There's a nice little cafe down there (with GF menu!). Rare photo of all four of us!

Unexpected treat! The firefighters said it was such a beautiful day, they thought they'd bring the trucks down to the beach for the kids. So sweet: they gave the girls the royal tour. I think it was the whole fleet and the whole crew; not much else for them to do down there.

Fifi was really into it!

Andrew contemplating light fixtures.

The firefighter hats came in handy for beach combing.

Katie added some nice pieces to her extensive rock collection.


MarthaB said...

You guys have all the luck! Sounds like you all had a blast! M

Unknown said...

Yeah, Martha, it was a really fantastic day until we got to the border and admitted we had 14 bottles of wine in the car (we have this 14-slot wine rack now we have to fill up!). We thought we'd save $5 or so per bottle and stock up, but they charged us $170 duty, which was about what we'd spent on the wine! They kindly refunded the money based on our "promise" to return the wine to Point Roberts. Andrew went back while the girls and I waited, and the store gave him a refund, but it meant two more border waits. Lesson learned.