Tuesday, February 05, 2013

More "befores" - extension and 2nd storey

More of Andrew's photos.
former kitchen, will become den. Scullery in background will become bathroom with shower.

Extension: kitchen will be on one end....

craft area, desk, and storage on the other. French door and nice window to replace these.

closet hanging over stairs will come out, making a brighter, more open stairway.

It was cheaper to buy a new bigger claw foot, cast iron tub from vintagetub.com than it was to have this one refinished. Anyone want an old cast-iron tub?

Master bedroom with back door that will eventually lead to upper deck, with not-bad views of downtown, as Amy pointed out.

Fifi's room. The girls really, really wanted their own rooms. There was, thankfully, no debate: Fifi chose this one with a door leading to the front balcony, and....

 ...Katie chose this smaller one with a window leading to the same balcony and the floral wallpaper that she wants to keep. : )

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