Monday, February 11, 2013

Buh-bye playhouse.

When Andrew dropped by the house this morning, he discovered that the playhouse -- which would have looked like a pile of rubble -- had been thrown into the dumpster. It's at the bottom, mixed in with all the other demo junk and not worth trying to retrieve. We still have the slide (it had travelled home in the car), so we'll start with that and build our own (Grandpa Bocking has offered to help!). 

It took me all day to work up the courage to post this on the blog. The girls don't know yet! (They were out on a play date at the time, and we didn't have the heart to tell them tonight. Family Day and all.)


MarthaB said...

Very sorry to hear about the playhouse.

trudy said...

Oh no just read this one : ( At least you got the slide - they can't be made. And horray for Grandpa..!

Unknown said...

Oh. my. god. You're kidding. After all that time spent deconstructing it, bringing it back to your place...that is such a shame. So sorry to hear that! Grandpa Michael will make an amazing playhouse i'm sure!